How do I use the Support Portal?

Want to submit a Request or view your outstanding ones? Now you can with CircuiTree’s Support Portal. Here are some of the various tasks that you can perform via the Support Portal.

  • Send a question to Support.
  • Get a quote for a new Report or Query.
  • Submit a request to modify an existing Report or Query.
  • Submit request for other tasks like updating your Skin or running a Script.
  • View your outstanding Request or others from your organization.
  • Update your profile.


Watch a short overview of how the Support Portal works.


  1. Go to the Support Portal and enter your username (the email address you have used to previously submit requests to Support) and password and then select Login. Don’t have a password? Follow the directions below to set your password.

Quick Tip – What is TogetherWork? TogetherWork is CircuiTree’s parent company and hosts the Support Portal for all of their companies. Once you login, you will be directed to CircuiTree’s Support Portal.

Set Password

Logging into the Support Portal for the first time? Follow the steps in the Forgot Password process to set your password.

  1. Go to the Forgot Password link.
  2. Enter your Username. This is the email address that you have used to submit Tickets to in the past. Select Email me.

  1. A verification screen will appear noting to check your email for a reset password link.

  1. In the email, select Reset my password.

  1. Enter a new password and confirm, then select Create and you will be logged in to the Support Portal.


Once you login to the Support Portal, the home page offers several options. Select one of the Request Types (i.e. Ask Question or Report Bug) that best fits your request to submit a Request to Support. Below we will go through an example of Ask Question.

Quick Tip – Not sure which one to choose? Select Ask Question and we can help you out!

Ask Question

Fill out the fields to ask a question of Support and then select Create.

Request View

Once you submit your Request, you can keep track of it’s progress.

  • Comment on this request – Add more detail to the Ticket via a comment. Also you can upload additional attachments or screenshots.
  • In Progress – Shows the current status of the Ticket. As the status changes, you can see it here.
  • Don’t notify me – Don’t want emails? Select Don’t notify me to turn off email notifications.
  • Share – Need someone else to see this Ticket? Select Share and enter their email address.
  • Complete – Got your question answered? Select Complete to let Support know.
  • Shared with – See a list of people who the Ticket is shared with. Anyone who is CC’d on an email sent to Support will automatically be on the Shared list.
  • Organization – Lists the Organization that you are a part of.

Request Response

Once Support responds to your Request, you can see the details right in the Request view.

Quick Tip – Don’t need anything else with this Request? Select Complete to update the status and move it to a Closed Request. Is your Request closed and you still have some more questions? Add a comment and it will change the status and alert Support.


Want to see a list of all your requests? Select Requests in the upper right hand corner and then select an option from the list.

  • My Requests – Displays a list of all the Requests that you have submitted.
  • Organization – In this example, Coyote Ridge is the Organization. Select to show a list of all Requests for your Organization.
  • All Requests – If you were part of multiple Organizations, this would show a list of all the Requests.

Request List

On the Request List, you can filter to be able to view your Requests in any way you like.

  • Open Requests – Select to filter by the following:
    • Any Status
    • Open Requests
    • Closed Requests
  • Created by me – Filter by the following:
    • Created by anyone
    • Created by me
    • Where I am a participant
    • Shared with my Organization
  • Any Request Type – Filter by different Request Types.
  • Search – Can’t find a Request you are looking for? Search for it.


Select the icon in the upper right hand corner to edit your Profile.

View Profile

The first screen allows you to see your profile information.

Edit Profile

Need to change something? Select Edit Profile to update. After you make changes, select Save.

  • Change Avatar – Upload a profile photo for yourself.
  • Name – By default this is your email address, update so we know your name.
  • Language – Set your language preference.
  • Time Zone – Set your time zone.
  • Change Password – Go through the change password process.


Do I have to use the Support Portal to submit a Request?

  • No, but it is recommend as it gives us more information to help solve your request sooner. You can still send requests to or reply to notifications in your email.

Got other questions about how to use the Support Portal? Ask a Question and we can help you out.