How do I use the Support Portal?

Want to submit a Request or view your outstanding ones? Now you can with CircuiTree’s Support Portal. Here are some of the various tasks that you can perform via the Support Portal.

  • Send a question to Support.
  • Get a quote for a new Report or Query.
  • Submit a request to modify an existing Report or Query.
  • Submit request for other tasks like updating your Skin or running a Script.
  • View your outstanding Request or others from your organization.
  • Update your profile.

First Time Login

The first time you login to the new Support Portal, follow these steps: 


  • The email address you used to submit tickets previously is your username. 


  • Your password was not migrated, so please select this link to reset your password. 
  • You will receive an email with a URL to create your new password. 
  • Select the URL highlighted in the image below. 

Since this is the first time you are setting your password, disregard the following: 

Change Password

  1. Create a new password that meet the requirements and then select Change password. 

  2. Once your password is created, you will be directed to the new Support Portal.

Navigating the Support Portal 

To view your tickets, select your name in the top right corner and select My Activities. 

Link to Support Portal 

To access the Support Portal, follow the link to Submit a Ticket on the Support Site. 


Do I have to use the Support Portal to submit a Request?

  • No, but it is recommend as it gives us more information to help solve your request sooner. You can still send requests to or reply to notifications in your email.

Got other questions about how to use the Support Portal? Ask a Question and we can help you out.