How do I move a child to another family?


I’ve got a child registered in the wrong family (a friend of the family signed him up with her kids, the grandma registered the child, there’s a divorce situation, etc.) and need to move his information. How do I do that?


This is usually a two-part issue. The first part is to make sure the child is associated with the proper family in CircuiTree. If the correct family already exists in CircuiTree, go to the Members subtab and use the actions sub-menu to add the child as a member of the family. (If there is no family created, create one using the Create Family wizard and add the child during that process.) Then open the original family, find the child in the Member subtab, right-click on the name, and choose Remove to remove the child from the family.

If the child was just included in the wrong family and doesn’t have any registrations, then you’re done. If there are registrations involved, however, you’ll have one of two options. First, check to see if the child’s registration is on an itinerary by himself or herself. If so, please contact CircuiTree with the child’s ID, the registration ID, the itinerary ID, the family the itinerary currently belongs to, and the family that the child does want to belong to, and we’ll move the itinerary to the new family for you. If there are other registrations on the itinerary, however, you’ll need to cancel the mistaken registration and re-enroll the child in the new family. (This option is also open to you if you have the child by himself on an itinerary as well–it’s just that we can move the itinerary quickly and easily but cannot split an itinerary with anything like the same amount of time and resources.)