How do I adjust Inventory?


Sometimes you need to adjust your inventory levels based on external factors like shrinkage or damage. The following is how to adjust your inventory.

How to: Navigation

  1. Go to Manage > SalesLink > Adjustment.

  1. Enter the Criteria and select Find.

  • Store Location – Select a Store Location to adjust inventory levels.
  • Department – Filter by Department.
  • Type – Select a Type to filter by.
  • Item Number – Search for an Item Number.
  • Part Number – Search for a Part Number.
  • Item – Search using the name of an Item.
  • Dimension – Search for a Dimension.
  • Sales Year – Select a Sales Year to filter by.
  • Quantity (Min/Max) – Set a range of inventory quantity to filter by.
  • Show Discontinued – Select to include discontinued items in the results.

How To: Select Adjust To Store Location

Adjustment can be made to Shrink or Damage. If you want to transfer Inventory between two Store Locations, you should use the Transfer feature.

  1. In the lower right hand corner, select either Shrink or Damage.

How To: Make Adjustments

  1. Enter in either the Actual Quantity or Adjustment for the Inventory Item.

  1. Select Save Adjustment.

How To: Run Inventory Reports

If you want to see a list of adjustment made, run the Inventory Transfers report.