How do I search for a customer?


The Find Customer screen helps you find individuals, families, or groups. You can also create a group or individual from this screen.

Navigation: CampLink > Customers


  • Name: the name of the individual, group, or family. You may use partial strings to search on only a portion of a name.
  • Type:  the type of entity, whether Individual, Group, Family, or other specific group.
  • ID: the numeric ID of a group, family, or individual
  • City: the city included in the address for the entity
  • Phone: the phone number included in the contact section for the entity
  • Search Foreign: if this is checked, the State and Zip fields disappear, and the City field changes to Address where the main address is listed in its entirety.
  • State: the state included in the address for the entity
  • Zip Code: the zip code included in the address for the entity

Special Actions

  • Create a new group
  • Create a new individual