Why aren’t my events showing up online?


Why aren’t my events (or changes to my events) showing up on my website?


There could be a number of factors preventing your events from showing up on your website. Here are a few of the most common.

Possibility #1: Cached Website

The CircuiTree-hosted portion of your website runs off a website cache to improve performance for your customers. That means that the website will get a copy of certain database tables and use that copy to create web pages instead of always going to the database for a fresh set of data each time. The website will periodically refresh its data list on its own. Usually this doesn’t present any problems, but when you’re making real-time changes, you want to see real-time results. In that case, you need to clear the cache to make the website get a fresh set of data that includes your changes. Find out how to use the siteadmin page to clear your website cache.

Possibility #2: Enrollment Dates Set Improperly

CircuiTree will allow you to set distinct dates for current and new enrollees to register. By doing that, you can give preference to your faithful customers so that they will have the first chance to enroll. Setting these dates also lets you open registration on a particular date. You can always leave these enrollment dates blank to make sure they show up whenever you need them to. But if you’re expecting to see certain events that just aren’t there, check those fields on the event division level to make sure that the dates are what you need.

Possibility #3: Registration Type Set Improperly

CircuiTree supports four distinct types of registration types: individual, family, group, and parent (i.e., a parent registering a child.) Each event can be assigned to be open to one or more of these registration types. In addition, certain workflow steps at the event division level can be designated to appear for one or more of the registration types. If your particular event or workflow step (e.g., medical form) isn’t showing up for a parent registering her child or a church leader enrolling his youth group, check the registration type to make sure it’s set properly.

Possibility #4: Online Enrollment or Functions Disabled

CircuiTree gives you the ability at the event division level to prevent certain events from showing up on the web for enrollment at all. You can also choose not to allow attendees to have access to any of the normal online tools for an event, like medical forms, payment, and pictures. This is useful if you wish to restrict registration to an event by only processing enrollment forms or follow-up paperwork through your staff. If, however, you check these boxes by mistake, the event or registration functions may disappear from the site. Learn when and how to set these options for an event division.