CT.9.5.1 Release Notes

The following is a log of Bug Fixes and Features that have been included in the release.

Release notes – CircuiTree Development – CT.9.5.1-2024-06-07

Release Date: June 7, 2024

Bug Fixes

CTD-20899 Can’t pay for Quick Enroll registrations in full

CTD-21175 Quick Enroll Confirmation Display Issue

CTD-21267 Quick enrollment Terms/Conditions not showing

CTD-21269 Error when trying to complete quick enrollment

CTD-21272 Change Page on Quick Register Shows Current Year Events and Does Not Automatically Remove Current Selection From Cart

CTD-21295 Group Checkin- Must Check in all Members to Proceed

CTD-21320 reCAPTCHA causing payment issue with QuickEnroll

CTD-21375 Saleslink POS Errors During Non-Terminal Credit Card Transaction