CT.6.0.0 Release Notes

The following is a log of Bug Fixes and Features that have been included in the release.


Release Date: January 30th, 2024

Bug Fixes

CTD-10741 Global issue in Data Fields With Help Text

CTD-11825 Health Form status is displayed even when user disable the Health feature flag in company settings

CTD-12474 Prices not showing correct decimal places in edit mode

CTD-15272 Timeline not saving notes

CTD-17756 Split Transactions W/ Declines Causing Orphan Payments/ User Batch Errors

CTD-17919 Terms and conditions – Alert inconsistencies

CTD-18146 Completed Medical Forms Show as Expired

CTD-18173 Edits to Event Divisions with the Event Wizard do not save in CT Blue

CTD-18247 Checkout screen not displayed for Secondary Entity – Regression

CTD-18262 Donation portal – Ask donor about designating donation

CTD-18350 Unable to make a donation payment from CT6 reg site

CTD-18822 Create Reservations Checkout Page > Payment Amount User unable to select the other amount

CTD-18828 Calculations showing wrong in Reservation payments

CTD-18829 In Dashboard->Reservations user is unable to see all Reservations done by the user

CTD-18833 Regression – Create Reservation Confirmation page

CTD-18834 Regression- Create Reservations Checkout Page > Summary

CTD-18891 Out of Memory Exception during End of Month Billing

CTD-18995 Unable to Donate W/O Sign-in CT6 (Need Email/Phone field) Regression

CTD-19186 Unable to SignUp and complete the Registration

CTD-19246 Regression- Unable to make a donation payment from CT6 reg site

CTD-19247 Regression2 – Checkout screen not displayed for Secondary Entity

CTD-19248 Cannot View Guest Group Itineraries in Test

CTD-19265 Regression- Unable to do the Group Registration

CTD-19270 Regression – Unable to Open itineraries and not able to find the person from people search


CTD-8316 Change order of Event > Steps with multiple Registrations

CTD-13604 Change Marketing Site Status on Registration Close

CTD-13687 Change Event Drop Down on Dashboard to searchable

CTD-14363 Deleted Attributes Showing on Dropdowns

CTD-14697 Do not show Private Events on ABC Find a Camp Page

CTD-15455 Add Customer Name to Bump Printer Receipt

CTD-15829 Sort Registrations New-> Old

CTD-15861 Add Event Division To Registrations on Individual

CTD-15932 Form section incomplete but no alert

CTD-16022 Hitting Enter When Adding Child or Division Quantities Causes Confusion

CTD-17224 Add FullStory to the New Experience

CTD-17419 Drop down to see sibling balances on the store card in POS

CTD-17668 Add Actions Button to Send Mass Email from query

CTD-19039 Update Navigation Menu Bar

CTD-19237 Regression – Form section incomplete but no alert

CTD-19258 Medical History section incomplete but no alert

CTD-19273 Regression – Change Marketing Site Status on Registration Close

New Feature

CTD-16409 List of Additional Questions

CTD-16411 List of merchandise

CTD-16413 Validate promocode

CTD-16414 Checkout Summary

CTD-16415 Get Balance

CTD-16416 Get Payment Amount

CTD-16417 Get Payment Method

CTD-16418 Add Payment Method

CTD-16419 Get payment method – Type

CTD-16420 Get payment method – Country

CTD-16421 Get payment method – State

CTD-16422 Update Payment Method

CTD-16423 Checkout

CTD-18230 Prevent Itinerary Reprice After Event Is Closed

CTD-18256 Copy Attribute Categories

CTD-18672 Integrate Merchandise API with UI

CTD-18859 Add cookie consent script tag to ABC Sports Camps Websites

CTD-18861 Add cookie consent script tag to CT5R Websites

CTD-18862 Add cookie consent script tag to CT6R Websites

CTD-18863 Add cookie consent script tag to CT6 Websites

CTD-19010 Regression-Reservations Wizard UAT Feedback UI/Previous Button Flow