What is an Attribute?


An attribute is a special field you can define to collect information on a particular subject. Attributes are classified in attribute categories which can be attached to elements like registrations, attendees, itineraries, families, groups, medical questions, and individuals. You can collect sets of attributes and associate them with specific events. Attributes can be displayed in a number of ways (text, check boxes, lists, etc.), can be required or not, be displayed on the web or not, and have multiple values within a single year or multiple years.

The attributes tab can show up in an individual record, a family, a group, a registration, or an itinerary. The attributes are defined in the configuration section where the specific attributes are grouped into categories which are then attached to the respective objects (family, registration, etc.) Certain objects may show groups of attributes: a registration’s attribute tab, for example, shows attributes for the registration but may also for the attendee and the family.


  • Insurance information (Medical)
  • School (Individual)
  • Team affiliation (Family)
  • Workshop Attendance (Group)
  • Applying for Scholarship (Registration)
  • Your Spiritual Journey (set of Attendee attributes)

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