2023.03.001 Release Notes

The following is a log of Bug Fixes and Features that have been included in the release.


Release Date: March 20th, 2023

Bug Fixes

CTD-6041 Editing Application Setting from the Application Settings Grid does not encrypt

CTD-12600 Medical id error – Column does not belong to the table

CTD-12658 Wrong Terms being shown for named registration

CTD-12659 Terms and conditions step complete, but terms are not signed

CTD-14445 Unable to remove an autopay schedule

CTD-14759 Update Make Payment to display correct Scheduled Payment

CTD-14859 Merchant Batch without a GL Batch

CTD-14890 Package is not saved in CT6R

CTD-14988 Unable to add flight info via Registration site

CTD-15115 Unable to Make Payment

CTD-15282 Error thrown while searching in Application Settings

CTD-15308 Scheduled Payment not displaying correct dates

New Features

CTD-9113 Create Autopay Payment Confirmation Automated Email

CTD-10422 Update statement to remove pending registrations

CTD-12198 Terms and Conditions Usage tab isn’t showing all events

CTD-13008 Display Global Legal Terms Registration Checkout on Event Division

CTD-14179 Create an application setting to allow for GA4

CTD-14180 Create a new Container for Tag Manager

CTD-14182 Create Google Tag Manager Integration Page

CTD-14221 Add Default to New Experience to My Profile

CTD-14612 Update Make Payment to display accurate price

CTD-14955 Add the ability to Save the Web Admin’s “Show Content” Setting across browsers and sessions

CTD-15286 Update Profile Formatting

CTD-15309 Reservations are showing as doubled on Payment screen

CTD-13719 Add Self Registration Type to Connect with Camper Step

CTD-14238 Display Default Bundle on Registration Site

CTD-14677 Add Default Bundle to CT Admin