2023.02.001 Release Notes

The following is a log of Bug Fixes and Features that have been included in the release.


Release Date: February 20th, 2023

Bug Fixes

CTD-8283 Mass emails – not delivering to BCC or showing as Sent

CTD-9417 Additional references added if you return to the References step

CTD-14604 Registration checkout terms are not required during checkout

CTD-14605 User Does Not Exsist Error

CTD-14742 Unable to show Registration button

CTD-14812 When Reprice occurs Surcharge is reversed

CTD-14814 Could not find Itineraries with ID

CTD-14965 New Attendee is not showing the required fields when registering

CTD-14979 Disable Session State for Content Controller

CTD-14981 Make Dummy Session Random

CTD-14982 Make Cache thread safe

CTD-14990 Optimize Async/Await Identity Provider to resolve deadlocks

CTD-14991 Add Thread Locking to Client CSS File

CTD-14995 Increase session queue length and allow concurrency

CTD-15003 Payment method is not displayed in review section for group Registration

New Features

CTD-8745 Update View Statement to show Previous Payment detail

CTD-8931 Change Default “Make Payment” to Have Customer Choose Amount

CTD-8936 Balance not showing credit on Home tab of Dashboard

CTD-9282 Edit Organization for Scheduled Emails

CTD-11779 Add Return Dialog and Print Receipt to Order Return

CTD-13396 Add Payment Method to Individual and Family

CTD-13862 Add Address Validation to Checkout

CTD-14194 ‘Last Sent’ Column Not Populating on Automated Emails

CTD-14413 New family member is not added when user edit Family details – Part 2

CTD-14545 Move ASPState to Redis

CTD-14570 Update Make Payment to show Previous Payment detail

CTD-14969 Don’t ask for Security Code during Checkout until Payment screen

CTD-14985 Remove ADONet logging from Registration project

CTD-14986 Upgrade StackExchange.Redis library

CTD-14027 If Balance Due equals Deposit Amount, change Balance Due Date to today’s date

CTD-15008 Balance Due date set to today regardless of actual Balance Due Date