2022.12.001 Release Notes

The following is a log of Bug Fixes and Features that have been included in the release.


Release Date: December 12th, 2022

Bug Fixes

CTD-12020 Unable to complete End of Event process

CTD-12035 Disable Online reg setting prevents campers from being named online

CTD-12271 Update Resource Config UX

CTD-12375 Remove New Event Template button

CTD-13351 Wrong terms and conditions shown during online registration

CTD-13391 Fix Scheduled Payment Discrepancy

CTD-13459 Unable to Add Transportation Due to Error

CTD-13598 Mass Emails: Error scrolling through query selection

CTD-13605 Event Division Prices combined after saving in CT6

CTD-13791 Gender Field hidden but displaying on Reg Site

CTD-13922 Surcharge is not split for the multiple registrations for the same attendee in CT6

CTD-14166 Getting Exception error in Edit Events-Attributes


CTD-9366 Add option to remove first transportation location

CTD-10965 Update Formatting in Settings

CTD-11418 New family member is not added when user edit Family details

CTD-11778 Add Order Summary

CTD-12272 Update Settings -> Resources -> Resources UI

CTD-12294 Update Organization UX

CTD-12360 Update Scheduled Email UX

CTD-12374 Creating Users in New Experience selects Beta User by default

CTD-12500 Update Menu text

CTD-12593 Side Menu links are not fully clickable

CTD-13256 Update Event Detail section

CTD-13349 Add Surcharge Place Holder to Automated Emails

CTD-13352 Add Surcharge Place Holder to Scheduled Emails

CTD-13353 Display Surcharge on Registration > Accounting > Summary

CTD-13354 Display Surcharge on Itinerary > Accounting > Summary

CTD-13355 Display Surcharge on Individual Profile > Accounting > Summary

CTD-13356 Display Surcharge on Family Profile > Accounting > Summary

CTD-13357 Display Surcharge on Group Profile > Accounting > Summary

CTD-13359 Display Surcharge on Payment Details

CTD-13433 Add Surcharge column to Payment Search

CTD-13577 Add Net Payments to Dashboard

CTD-13696 Create Access Dashboard Security Privilege

CTD-14195 Format Surcharge Column as Currency

CTD-14217 Scheduled Email Details displayed below content after save

CTD-14222 Update style on Order Details > Actions

CTD-9598 Add Surcharge to Accounting > Scheduled Payments

CTD-13197 Add Review step to Checkout

CTD-13275 Add Review step to Make Payment

CTD-13276 Add Review step to Schedule Payment

CTD-13278 Split Surcharge for payments applied to multiple registrations

CTD-13281 Add Surcharge to Make a Payment > Verification

CTD-13346 Add Surcharge to Registration Wizard > Make a Payment > Verification