2022.11.001 Release Notes

The following is a log of Bug Fixes and Features that have been included in the release.


Release Date: November 7th, 2022


CTD-10890 Could not navigate to next page from Allocation in create event in MOT / MTT

CTD-11363 Unable to continue to housing during registration

CTD-11413 Error when closing Scheduled Report

CTD-11621 Getting Unhandled exception when user click Add transportation

CTD-12252 Getting Exception when editing Resource Details

CTD-12290 Queries Do Not Export

CTD-12377 Validation for Legal Term Needed appears after selection

CTD-12957 Modifying Skipped/Asked During Reg Step creates duplicate step

CTD-12958 Users can see payment processor account setup for orgs they do not have permissions for

CTD-13015 Unable to edit attribute information during or after check-in

CTD-13028 Registration Error Past Due Balance

CTD-13819 Update Add Attribute UX

CTD-13821 Getting Unhandled exception when user created the company query in Queries menu

CTD-13822 Cancel is not working in Add/Edit Customer

New Features

CTD-8644 Hyperlinks Missing from Summary

CTD-10301 Update Create New Event Landing page

CTD-10312 Navigate to completed steps in wizard

CTD-10323 Update User Details

CTD-10490 Update Payment Schedule to Exclude Waitlist Deposit

CTD-11381 Adjust / transfer button is not available ( Store location -> Inventory)

CTD-11402 Display validation message while creating an organization

CTD-11539 Unable to type any values in address field

CTD-11745 Remove TogetherPay Payment Processor Option

CTD-12191 Reverse Reservation Charge when Unnaming Registration

CTD-12373 Duplicate config options when creating Attributes

CTD-12435 Add notification when selecting Cancel during Create Event

CTD-12501 Allow selection of Attachment Type

CTD-12585 Family Members not assigned to the same Lodging

CTD-12586 Can’t complete Store Card Workflow Step

CTD-13799 Change Registration > Event link to go to Edit Event

CTD-8749 Update Dialog Box size across application

CTD-8815 Automatically setup Scheduled Reports

CTD-9385 Add Surcharge option to Payment Processor

CTD-9524 Add group button replacement in Guest Group

CTD-12653 Allow an Attendee to Register for Multiple Event Divisions in the same Event on Registration Site