2022.10.001 Release Notes

The following is a log of Bug Fixes and Features that have been included in the release.


Release Date: October 17th, 2022

Bug Fixes

CTD-12912 Fix Report unhandled exception

CTD-12581 Unable to update camper grade on event selection page

CTD-12482 Regression Pay Full Amount on CT6 Registration Calculating Incorrectly

CTD-12030 Dashboard not fully limiting data from other Orgs

CTD-12011 Dashboard showing inconsistent Registration Numbers

CTD-10745 Update Query and Reports page

CTD-9031 WebsiteURL OrgApp Settings not working

CTD-8601 Unable to issue a refund – Unknown error checking for refund balance


CTD-12497 Add breadcrumbs to Tags

CTD-12494 Update Add Donation Fund

CTD-12359 Add Send Test Email option under Automated Email Setting

CTD-12021 Allow Clients to quickly/easily view the Revenue earned for an event

CTD-12017 Add subtotals for accounting on Grid views

CTD-11653 Add Previous order and End of Day to POS

CTD-11420 Add option to activate Guest Group Itinerary

CTD-10560 Unable to link GL code to a Donation Fund

CTD-10322 Change “Choose Value Here” option to “Add New Event Type”

CTD-9707 When Event is created, update Find a Camp Site

CTD-8853 Update Site after hiding Content Fields

CTD-8850 Suppress Event Dates if “Hide Event Date” setting is selected

CTD-8602 Can’t select more lodging during online registration

New Features

CTD-12764 Replace CT6R DD_RUM with DD_LOGS

CTD-12594 Add Private Event Link Button

CTD-12235 Allow an Attendee to Register for Multiple Event Divisions in the same Event in CT6

CTD-9627 Scheduling Event Registration to Close

CTD-7657 Create New User Automated Email