2022.09.001 Release Notes

The following is a log of Bug Fixes and Features that have been included in the release.


Release Date: September 13th, 2022

Bug Fixes

CTD-12490 Itinerary charges do not match the registration summary, pending reservations

CTD-12470 Getting error naming child for Group reg – Previous balance owed

CTD-12415 Not able to move campers in Housing Assignments without refreshing each time

CTD-12247 Cannot complete registration, Validation errors

CTD-12216 Unable to Add Transportation Due to Error

CTD-12182 Able to Make Registration w/o Payment Despite Configured App Setting

CTD-12123 Full activities not showing full

CTD-12094 Medications Not Appearing on Registrations

CTD-12031 Error with payment transaction coding

CTD-11935 Administered Medications not showing correctly in Scheduled Medications screen

CTD-11876 Getting security is too tight error message when user override the global automated mails

CTD-11537 Can’t use Group By options on Housing Assignment

CTD-10929 Unable to copy events that have payment schedule attached – Validation error

CTD-10568 Lodging resource shown on web

CTD-10557 Update Charges to Include Charge

CTD-9062 Unable to toggle from public to private for sending invitation code to name a camper

CTD-8793 Org Missing From Query Security

CTD-8480 Fix Additional spots added by web, overbooking the event


CTD-12168 Add ReCaptcha to CT6 Reg Site Make a Payment Page

CTD-12165 Add ReCaptcha to Webstore Checkout Page

CTD-12164 Add ReCaptcha to CT5 Reg Site Make a Payment Page

CTD-12163 Add ReCaptcha to CT5 Reg Site Checkout Page

CTD-12162 Add ReCaptcha to CT6 Reg Site Checkout Page

CTD-11986 Wrong attributes are being pulled into the Check-In Page

New Features

CTD-8700 Move Change Cost Center to Background Process

CTD-10849 Offload repricing itinerary into background job

CTD-8144 Update default site styles