2022.08.001 Release Notes

The following is a log of Bug Fixes that have been included in the release.


Release Date: August 9th, 2022

Bug Fixes

CTD-12347 Error when trying to register for event having legal terms

CTD-12345 Medical form still shows Incomplete even after signing the medical form

CTD-12323 Getting error in Child Registration

CTD-12289 Store card balance doesn’t match POS store balance

CTD-12212 Null Reference Exception during stripe event callback

CTD-12169 Store Cards without payment

CTD-12095 Campers are being charged for pending reservations that are not shown during the payment process

CTD-12044 Miscalculating/ Inverted Deposit Schedule

CTD-12043 WL Registrations are able to Accept/Confirm Roommate Requests

CTD-12036 Medical Forms Signed but not Appearing on Individual Profile

CTD-12016 Past Balance Notification when there is none

CTD-11997 Donation reCAPTCHA broken

CTD-11973 Getting error in Child Registration

CTD-11670 Complaint Name not Populating with dropdown list

CTD-11580 Pay Full Amount on CT6 Registration Calculating Incorrectly

CTD-11541 Grade level switching to K

CTD-11513 CT6r does not Consistently Reflect Correct Status of Legal Terms or Medical Form

CTD-10621 Legal Terms showing incorrectly on itinerary

CTD-8965 Terms and Conditions – Website doesn’t match internal registration