2022.07.001 Release Notes

The following is a log of New Features and Bug Fixes that have been included in the release.


Release Date: July 20th, 2022

Bug Fixes

CTD-12160 Profile grade is not updated to match registration

CTD-12148 Adding Attendee to Housing doesn’t display

CTD-12122 The count is not matching with list of attendees in Assign Housing

CTD-12114 Registration listed as N/A

CTD-11788 Not able to make multiple changes in Housing Assignments without refreshing

CTD-11785 Cabin Auto-Assignment linking wrong age groups together

CTD-11771 Store purchase is not reducing balance on store card

CTD-11750 Cannot add tender type for remaining balance POS

CTD-11686 Activities – Cabin Requirements not working

CTD-11673 Health Center Dashboard hidden unless user has View All Orgs permission

CTD-11626 Unable to complete payment for self registration

CTD-11624 Legal Terms not showing as signed

CTD-11606 Unable to complete payment for Group registration

CTD-11348 Profile grade is not updated to match registration

CTD-11333 Cannot complete registration without making payment & other override issues

CTD-11304 Timeouts while allocating resources, causing duplicate allocations

CTD-10966 The Hide step setting isn’t working to hide a workflow step

CTD-10508 Family Information Workflow Step will not recognize Attribute Categories attached to the Family

CTD-10390 Attendee Not Appearing Due To Admin Status

CTD-9296 Last 4 Card Digits Displaying Incorrectly

CTD-8896 Store Card default is adding to WL registration

CTD-8746 Photo Upload Sideways