2022.06.001 Release Notes

The following is a log of New Features and Bug Fixes that have been included in the release.


Release Date: June 28th, 2022

New Features

CTD-11593 Add option to hide donate for store card

CTD-11569 Change Webstore Location ID App Setting to display actual name

CTD-10655 Add Payment Extension Date to Scheduled Payment after Balance Due Date

CTD-8525 Add Event parameter to Itinerary Search

CTD-9546 Add Advanced Vehicle Pickup Location option

CTD-9255 Display Waitlist number on Registration Site for each event when attendee has multiple

CTD-8956 Don’t show shoulder events when birthdate is added

CTD-10228 Allow canceled registrations to be un-named

CTD-11349 Move Personally Identifiable Information to Cookies

CTD-11345 Tab down Actual Quantity column first in Inventory Adjustment

CT6 – New Experience

CTD-11478 Allow user to change Cancellation Reason

CTD-8013 Add Feature Flag to Hide Attendee and Family Steps

CTD-8009 Add Feature Flag to Hide Activities

CTD-8007 Add Feature Flag to Hide Staff

CTD-8006 Add Feature Flag to Hide Store

CTD-8004 Add Feature Flag to Hide Transportation

CTD-7975 Add Feature Flag to Hide Health Information

CTD-9024 Add Feature Flag to Hide Reports

CTD-8807 Set Recent Reports on Dashboard to pull by Popularity

CTD-10311 Add Edit button to Event Type

CTD-10310 Add Edit button to Cost Center

CTD-10309 Add Edit button to Location

CTD-10308 Add Edit button to Organization

CTD-9393 Remove Welcome to CT6 Link Broken

Bug Fixes

CTD-11949 Getting an error, If we click on profile in family page

CTD-11948 Edit is not working in payment processor

CTD-11898 Send Donation letter is not working in close batch

CTD-11881 Unable to Close Batch – Orphaned Payment

CTD-11867 Not able to close Automated email send preview popup

CTD-11844 Application settings don’t display correct values

CTD-11841 Payment is not successful when payment method is already existing in CT6R

CTD-11834 Tax not being displayed

CTD-11729 Tax displayed before reserving Resources

CTD-11637 Make Validation Box Larger

CTD-11622 Adding an item with Modifiers via Tag added directly to order as opposed to displaying

CTD-11506 Credit card option is not displayed in Payment method in Donation section

CTD-11504 Unable to cancel guest group registrations

CTD-11451 Can’t use Quick Search to find Customers when User has one Org assigned

CTD-11386 Charged double for store cards during Checkout for Group Registrations

CTD-11358 Airport dropdown not searching by code

CTD-11344 User Receives Red Error Box When Attempting to Leave a Comment

CTD-11334 Can’t add modifier to Inventory Item

CTD-11296 Can’t Remove Organization from Website

CTD-11269 Job Prod Delete Reports after run

CTD-11238 Error when adding Medical Information to Job Posting

CTD-10969 Families are able to un-name registrations

CTD-10960 Unable to create payment processor for PayFlow Pro

CTD-10955 Registration Search exports to a blank file

CTD-10953 Scheduled Payments Requiring Whole Numbers

CTD-10668 Tuition and payment applied to different paying entities

CTD-10307 Can’t Set Attendee Max

CTD-10243 Wrong balance shown while making a payment online

CTD-10099 Incorrect payment schedule shown to the customer online

CTD-9626 Lodging charged is not lodging chosen

CTD-9625 Family registered ahead of campers on the waitlist

CTD-9542 Activity Waitlist – Unable to complete registration

CTD-9478 Unable to use the event url shown under event descriptions

CTD-9371 Grade and DOB toggled off but is still required

CTD-9285 Research Org-specific emails not sending

CTD-9098 Unable to Save Content Field

CTD-9097 Hide Gender using Content Field

CTD-9092 Reg site does not show card’s last 4 digits

CTD-8957 Start Registration Button on Mobile not displaying

CTD-8881 MaxBalanceWhenPastDueDate app setting is not applying

CTD-8459 Housing Assignment – Incorrect availability and overbook message shown

CTD-8403 Able to register with ‘Other’ grade in a restricted division

CTD-8394 Online Statement does not show Lodging line item