2021.11.002 Release Notes

The following is a log of New Features and Bug Fixes that have been included in a release.


Release Date: February 21st, 2022

Bug Fixes

CTD-9704 Payment Processor not found for Org

CTD-9703 Event Division types not available

CTD-9699 Existing accounts cannot be found

CTD-9554 Values are not listed in Organization dropdown in Transportation

CTD-8994 Unable to add location to a job posting

CTD-8978 Errors during shotgun registration – Timeouts

CTD-8961 CT6 is very slow loading pages

CTD-8802 “Unhandled Exception: OrgID” when editing Inventory Department

CTD-8739 Getting error in add medication dialogue box

CTD-8718 Person Search Link Display Issue

CTD-8708 UI Issue in Medical Log/ Transportation

CTD-8707 “Unhandled Exception: OrgID” when editing Charge Department

CTD-8704 No Health Form Configuration in New Experience

CTD-8675 Getting unhandled Exception in update itinerary auto pay

CTD-8670 Duplicate results when searching for individuals

CTD-8656 Edit popup is showing after save the edited details

CTD-8639 Error while adding resource

CTD-8625 Payment is not accepting in payment field – Store card payment

CTD-8624 Fund Name is selected but still getting validation error

CTD-8609 UI Issue in close batch screen

CTD-8604 Add payment method issue while creating new payment method at the time of an event registration

CTD-8598 Edit person – Shows validation issue without any changes

CTD-8586 Incorrect Auto-Pay Schedules

CTD-8578 Multi-Registration with multiple reservations charges beyond capacity

CTD-8570 Issue in Attachment page

CTD-8560 Ui issues in Store -> Manage shipping screen

CTD-8559 Ui issues in Settings -> Reporting screen

CTD-8404 Contract information missing in itinerary summary and edit should be removed

CTD-8397 Ui fixes in company page

CTD-8379 UI Issues in View Invoices and Social media screens

CTD-8374 UI defects in Manage Events

CTD-8373 UI defects in Manage customers

CTD-8372 Getting Exception When tried to edit and save the individual profile summary details

CTD-8371 UI fixes in Categories page

CTD-8370 UI fix in Run End of Event & Health settings

CTD-8368 UI fix in Settings – Sales

CTD-8361 UI defects in Registration Page

CTD-8360 UI defects in Itinerary Page

CTD-8356 Ui fixes in the Add payroll batch

CTD-8333 UI defects in Accounting Menu

CTD-8332 UI defects in pre-order Menu – Registration Page

CTD-8331 UI defects in Roommate and Store Menu – Registration Page

CTD-8330 UI defects in Transportation Menu – Individual Page

CTD-8326 Fix Registration Profile Issues

CTD-8299 Itinerary amount incorrect on reg site

CTD-8297 Cannot edit Billing Email Address

CTD-8292 Marked as not arrived but actually checked in

CTD-8281 Error on Activity Discount – reservation screen

CTD-8271 UI fix in View Inventory

CTD-8268 UI fix in payroll

CTD-8265 Invalid length for a Base-64 char array or string

CTD-8264 A public action method ‘ClientIcon’ was not found on controller

CTD-8246 Unable to re-apply a discount

CTD-8240 Change buttons to check box in search criteria

CTD-8236 Airport isn’t saving on the location for transportation

CTD-8229 Update Registration Search Results

CTD-8208 UI fix in Search – Transportation UI

CTD-8206 Update Itinerary pay preview shows incorrect number of payments

CTD-8192 UI fix in Compliance-Dashboard

CTD-8191 UI fixes in staff, settings and accounting pages

CTD-8190 Update Registration Criteria

CTD-8185 UI Fix in Itineraries-Registration

CTD-8166 UI Issue in Transportation Menu

CTD-8165 UI fixes in Donations page

CTD-8085 Wrong GL Code added in Close Event Batch

CTD-8052 UI Fix in assign housing

CTD-7945 Refresh problem in dashboard page

CTD-7934 After cancelling a New Registration, doesn’t return to previous screen

CTD-7928 Check-in Attendee UX Bugs

CTD-7882 UI issue in Change Registration Status Dialog

CTD-7880 Issues in Activities Page

CTD-7765 Issues in itineraries page

CTD-7717 Issue in Search box in new UI

CTD-7653 issue in payment method and verification page – POC OneCamp wizard

CTD-6710 Fix reverted server side paging grids

CTD-6514 Event – Event Division – ‘Event Division’ should be restricted to Global and Selected Organization while Creating an Event

CTD-6513 Event – Event Type – ‘Event Type’ should be restricted to Global and Selected Organization while Creating an Event

New Feature

CTD-9536 Push Chameleon to Production

CTD-9375 Update W4 for 2022

CTD-9122 Add Logging: Website/Org Changes

CTD-8673 Tune Codacy for CICD Pipeline

CTD-8664 Optimize Gitlab, Datadog and Codacy for CICD Pipeline

CTD-8649 Merge remaining UX for ONECamp

CTD-8322 Online Registrations displaying “Housing Area Name” instead of “Cabin Name”

CTD-8243 Itineraries-Registration-To replace icon with Completed and Todo

CTD-8135 Add dynamic columns to Medical Log grid

CTD-8134 Add dynamic columns to Event Search Grid

CTD-8133 Add dynamic columns to Customer Search Grid

CTD-8132 Add dynamic columns to Registration Search grid

CTD-8131 Create Event Information dynamic columns

CTD-8130 Create Family Information dynamic columns

CTD-8129 Create Attendee Information dynamic columns

CTD-8128 Create process to dynamically add columns to grids

CTD-8012 Add Feature Flag to Hide Bunk1

CTD-8011 Add Feature Flag to Hide Roommates

CTD-8010 Add Feature Flag to Hide Scholarships

CTD-8005 Add Feature Flag to Hide Guest Groups

CTD-8003 Add Feature Flag to Hide Donations

CTD-7996 Fix UI in Itinerary Page (Submenus from Action dropdown)

CTD-7995 Fix UI in Registration Page (Submenus from Action dropdown)

CTD-7994 UI fix in close batch screen

CTD-7993 UI fix in Donation and Accounting menu for individual page (Submenus from Action dropdown)

CTD-7966 Convert jQuery Datepicker to use Kendo grid date pickers

CTD-7954 Update Modernizr to new version

CTD-7933 Registration Transfer Screen

CTD-7819 Dashboard – values on Top section cards

CTD-7386 Update Styling

CTD-7366 Create Event – Divisions – Event Division List

CTD-7365 Create Event – Divisions – Uncommon Details

CTD-7362 Split itineraries into separate Organizations

CTD-7304 Create Event – Preview

CTD-7270 Create Event – Publish

CTD-7266 Create Event – Divisions – Primary Details

CTD-7265 Create Event – Configuration – Organization

CTD-6568 Update Registration Grid

CTD-6567 Update Person / Group Search Grid


Release Date: March 3rd, 2022

Bug Fixes

CTD-10487 All Org doesn’t allow setting Event Division Type

CTD-10299 Object Reference Error when adding Donation

CTD-10139 Using the “All Org” setting prevents us from adding event and division types