Introducing CircuiTree’s New Support Portal

On the evening of Monday, March 15th, the Support Portal will be migrating to Zendesk. With the move to Zendesk, there will be several improvements in the future to help you better manage your tickets and get the answers you need. The migration should have little impact on you. 

During the migration of the Support Portal, you can always email for assistance. You will not experience any downtime with Support. 

Things to Know 

  • All your existing tickets will be imported into Zendesk. 
  • If you have an open support ticket, here is what will happen: 
    • You will receive an email from Zendesk which provides a new ticket ID.  
    • To continue corresponding on an open ticket, please reply to the Zendesk emails you receive.  
    • Once you have received the above email, if you reply to a previous email, it will create a new ticket in Zendesk. 
  • The Support Portal will be unavailable during the migration on Monday, March 15th starting at 7:00pm CT. You will be notified when the migration is complete and the Support Portal is available.
  • While the Support Portal is unavailable, please email any requests to

Once the migration to Zendesk is completeyou will receive specific instructions on how to login to the new Support Portal. 

As always, if you have any questions, please email