Important Changes Coming Soon to CircuiTree

There are several upcoming changes to CircuiTree that we wanted to let you know about. Here is a timeline of the changes along with further details for each:

  • Late October 2020
    • Sunset CT5 – Complete
    • Upgrade to Amazon Web Services (AWS) – Complete
    • Sunset FTP Access – Complete
  • December 2020 / January 2021
    • Upgrade Credit Card Processing to Stripe – In Progress
  • End of 2020
    • Sunset CT5 Registration Site
    • Add EMV Terminal Support to CT6
    • Sunset SalesLink 5

Sunset CT5

Projected Date – Late October 2020 

As has been previously announced, we are sunsetting CT5. The final features are being added to CT6, and we are using your feedback to make further improvements. Submit additional feedback below.

Upgrade to Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Projected Date – Late October 2020 

In conjunction with CT5 being sunset, we are moving to Amazon Web Services for hosting. This move will provide many benefits including:

  • Scalability
  • Improved performance
  • Increased reliability

When this move takes place, there will be a scheduled maintenance window of a few hours (during the middle of the night) where CircuiTree will be unavailable. We will let you know when the window will take place once the specific time is confirmed.

Upgrade Credit Card Processing to Stripe

Projected Date – Early November 2020 

Payment processing is a crucial aspect of your organization and how you use CircuiTree. In that light, we are pleased to announce that we will be transitioning to using Stripe for payment processing.

COVID-19 has made it clear that our current payment processor will not be able to grow with us. Stripe is one of the largest processors of payments in the world and processes billions of dollars of transactions each year. They have built a robust payment solution from the ground up for customers like us with the most advanced security in the payment industry.

Stripe Features

  • Automatic card updates – If a card is lost, stolen or expires, the customer doesn’t have to update their card in CircuiTree.
  • Advanced fraud protection using Stripe Radar.
  • Advanced bank account verification to reduce fraud and decrease ACH rejections using Plaid.
  • EMV Terminals for SalesLink with Apple Pay and Google Pay (coming soon).
  • Ability to scale with your business (shotgun starts).
  • More robust/automated information gathering for risk/compliance.
  • Possible to add Apple Pay to registration site for more frictionless payments (currently not on CircuITree Roadmap) (May incur additional fees).


One of the changes that will occur with this switch is that merchant fees will be deducted from each merchant batch instead of billing at the end of the month. Here are some new features to assist in the transition.

  • Change GL Batch to include Merchant Fees as a line item – This will reduce CASH so that GL Batch will still balance to what is in your bank account. 
  • New Merchant Batch Search – This will allow you to quickly see deposits by month.  Shows Total Payments, Fees and Net deposit.
  • Update Payment Audit by Merchant Batch Report – Will show gross payments minus fees to show your net deposit.


Will existing credit cards and eChecks still work?

  • Yes, we will re-tokenize all of the existing payment methods when switching to Stripe.

Do we still have access to TogetherPay?

  • The Merchant Batch and Payment Search will replace the functionality in TogetherPay.

Does my pricing change?

  • At this time, we are not changing pricing.

How long will it take to process payments?

  • Payments will post to your account in 2 business days, the same as it does currently.

Sunset CT5 Registration Site and SalesLink 5

Projected Date – End of 2020 

With the introduction of CT6 Registration Site, we will be sunsetting CT5 Registrations Site along with SalesLink 5. The following features are scheduled to be added to CT6 Registration Site before the sunset date.

  • HR Portal
  • Donation Portal
  • Webstore
  • Reservation Wizard
  • Remaining features for updating Profile and Family

Submit feedback using the link below.


If you have questions concerning any of the upcoming changes, please either contact your Business Analyst or reach out to us via Support.