Automatically Disabled Scheduled Emails

We recently released a feature to prevent Scheduled Emails that have invalid parameters from being sent. The goal is to prevent your customers from getting emails they are not expecting. There are two scenarios where CircuiTree will automatically disable a Scheduled Email from sending:

  • Past Event Year – Event Year parameter is in the past [i.e. The current Event Year is 2019, but the email is configured with an Event Year of 2018].
  • Invalid Parameter – There is an parameter that is configured incorrectly. This can occur if the underlying query that triggers the Scheduled Email has changed.

If there is a Scheduled Email that meets one of these criteria, a notification email with the subject of “Your Scheduled Email has been Disabled” will be sent to the following people:

  • The user that created or last modified the email.
  • Any email addresses included in the BCC field of the email.

After you receive the email, there are two ways to proceed:

  • Continue Sending 
    • Past Event Year – Update the Delivery Options to remove the past Event Year and add an Event Year in the future. 
    • Invalid Parameter – Review the Delivery Options to confirm that they are correct and contact Support to remove the flag that is preventing the email from sending. 
  • Remain Disabled – No action is needed on your part. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to Support or contact your Business Analyst.