Why won’t my limited scholarship show up as an option on a registration?

One very important part of scholarship setup is adding an amount to the “Transactions” tab in the Scholarship Details.  If this is not done, the scholarship will not appear as an option when you click “Apply Scholarship” on a registration.  Here’s how it works:

1.  Navigate to CampLink > Configuration > Scholarships.  Click on the “Actions” tab to create a new scholarship.  The first step is to review all of your settings.  Make sure the dates are set within today’s date range (Expiration Date is not required), check to see that the Status is “Active”, and check any other settings to make sure they are correct.


2.  Next, click on the “Transactions” tab and go to the “Actions” icon.  Select “Add Amount”.  Add an amount to the scholarship balance.  This does not create a GL entry or have any accounting effect, it simply tells the scholarship how much money it has to draw from.  As scholarships are added, the amount of the balance will reduce.


3.  Now the balance is available!




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