How do I update SalesLink to a new database?

On occasion, a new SalesLink release will include new fields in the database, so just updating the application file is only part of the update process. This demonstrates how to update SalesLink with a new database.

Step 1: Log into SalesLink and update the application

When we have a new SalesLink version available, when you log into SalesLink, you will be prompted to update the program. Clicking Yes will update the application and then present you with a login window again. Check to make sure the version number matches your expectations.

SalesLink Application > Login Screen


Step 2: Delete local database and download new one

To delete the local database, first select Options from the Tools menu

Next, click the Delete Local Database button. Select Yes and then OK.

SalesLink Application > Tools > Options > Delete Local Database

Step 3: Open SalesLink, re-run Setup, and test

Deleting the local database will close out Saleslink.  Open SalesLink again, where you’ll be prompted to run the setup process again (which will download the latest database).  Once the setup process is done, log back in and run a test transaction and then return the item to make sure that everything is functioning properly.

Please Note –  If you receive an error while loading the application and it asks you if you want to run the setup again, select Yes. Also, while you are running the setup, the progress bar may not show progress, but please do not close the program. It is not frozen; sometimes the setup requires a significant amount of time before completion.