How do I run the End of Event process in CT5?

End of Event is a process that does several things to close an Event after it has happened, including the following:

  • Clear out remaining Store Credit
  • Process any donated Store Credit
  • Set cancellation reason for any Pending or Waiting List registrations
  • Transfer funds from deferred GL account to the final GL account

When should I run End of Event?

The End of Event process will become available for a specific Event on the day that Event ends. Typically this process should be run soon after the last day of the Event to be able to move funds from deferred to the final GL account.

Two additional process that can be run after End of Event to wrap up the accounting for an Event include:

What happens after End of Event?

If you make payments to a registration after the End of Event process has run, payments will be batched to the final GL code instead of the deferred GL code.


  1. In CT5, go to CampLink > Management > End of Event.


  1. Search for the appropriate event or events you would like to close, using the search options shown.


Quick Tip – If you select multiple Events, these will all be included in the same GL Batch. Talk to your Accounting Department to determine the best course for your organization.
  1. Select where you would like store card balances to be donated and whether you want store credit to be donated if there is a balance due on the registration.


  1. Select a cancellation reason that will be applied to Pending and Waiting List registrations.


  1. Next the GL Batch Validation step will run. If validation is successful, click next to continue.


  1. Verify the End of Event Summary. Check Send End of Event Email to send the End of Event (Registration) Automated Email which includes a link to the registration statement. Click Next.


  1. The End of Event process will run.


  1. An End of Event Confirmation will appear with Summary Information and the GL Batch Summary report that was created. Click Finish to close the wizard.



Check out this video to see the process in action.