How do I refresh cache?

The Event Selection screen on the Registration Site is cached in order to speed up performance. When you make updates to an Event and you want them to show on the Event Selection screen, you will need to Clear Cache in order to do so.

When do I need to clear cache?

If one of these Settings is updated, you will need to Clear Cache:

  • Event Name
  • Begin Date
  • End Date
  • Location
  • Event Type
  • Attendee Max
  • Who can register?
  • Template Event
  • Hide Event Dates
  • Private Event
Event Division
  • Event Division Name
  • Restrictions
  • Attendee Max
  • Open Registration Policy
  • Disable Online Registration
  • Allow Anonymous
  • Disable Waiting List
  • Ignore Waiting List Registrations
  • Reserve Spots
  • Pad Spots

Refresh Cache

The first step to refresh cache is to sign in as an Admin to the Registation Site

  1. Sign in to Admin by going to
  2. Under Website Administration, select Cache.

  1. Select Refresh All or select a specific area to refresh.

  1. Once you refresh, a notification will appear letting you know that you were successful.