Implementation Plan

Congratulations, you’ve made a great choice! CircuiTree is the leader in camp management software.  In order to deliver a truly successful software implementation for each camp, CircuiTree maintains a staff of highly knowledgeable experts in the camping industry. Our team has an abundance of experience with not only our software, but also years of personal experience working with many of the largest camps in North America. This allows us to understand your day-to-day business, as well as how CircuiTree is best positioned to serve your organization. Everything that we do is driven by our passion to partner with you to further your mission.

Implementation Methodology

Our proven methodology allows us to successfully onboard our partners, including those with very unique and complex requirements. Implementations can vary in length based on the distinct needs of each organization, but the average time is six weeks. CircuiTree has developed a flexible yet disciplined approach, which is outlined below. We will guide you through planning, configuration, and your ongoing utilization of CircuiTree.


Kickoff Party

We’re excited to partner with you! This first step introduces your organization to your Business Analyst (BA), and allows that CircuiTree staff member to overview the implementation process, communicate expectations, assign responsibilities, and form an overall project timeline. Any stakeholders from your organization are encouraged to attend. In our experience, we have found that the sooner someone jumps into CircuiTree, the quicker they are to master it.  To aid in this, you will be introduced to videos and tutorials from our Support Site ( that will provide a framework for how CircuiTree works. We strongly encourage your team to take advantage of using these to gain a better context of the system.

Organizational Analysis

Your BA will spend time learning your processes and goals to meet your requirements, as well as identify new opportunities that CircuiTree can provide. Part of this will include going through a mock registration that demonstrates available features.

Data Analysis

Your BA will discuss the pros and cons of importing data from your previous system.  Our team is able to import any essential information into CircuiTree.


The most time will be spent during this phase.  We make the strategic decision to involve your team with the majority of configuration. The hands on experience is extremely valuable for comprehending the system and we recognize that no one knows your organization better than you do. Your team will be primarily responsible for completing the different configuration tasks but your BA will provide you support and assistance every step of the way. You’ll have specific instructions and documentation showing/explaining how to configure each area of the system. You’ll also have a Weekly Huddle to monitor progress and answer any outstanding questions.


Although you are constantly “testing” throughout Configuration, once that phase has been completed, your team and BA will go through different user scenarios to ensure everything is correctly formatted and functional.  CircuiTree will provide a basic framework of testing scenarios, but you will also identify the scenarios that need to be covered for your customers.  This phase ensures the success of the launch.


Your BA will provide an interactive training for all users in your organization on how to operate the system.  Our philosophy involves hands on learning to ensure users are comfortable and confident with the software.  In addition to an engaging training, each team member will go through and practice their job responsibilities within CircuiTree to reinforce their understanding.

Go-Live and Post Launch Support

Once you are fully implemented and live, CircuiTree will continue to provide support through your dedicated Business Analyst.  At some point in the coming weeks, they will introduce you to our Support team who will be an additional resource to aid your organization.


  • We want the process to be fun and relational—it’s a partnership!
  • Implementation is not only setting up CircuiTree, but learning the system. We want you to “connect the dots” to become effective, empowered users.
  • The first year (including implementation) will come with challenges at times. It’s a process full of learning and transitions, so it is to be expected but not feared.  You will be fully equipped and supported at all times.
  • Meet deadlines so you can achieve your go live goal.
  • Implementations allow a unique opportunity to review organizational processes and ask if there’s a better way. Your BA will ask many questions and challenge the idea of “we do it this way because that’s how we’ve always done it”—not to criticize, but to explore additional efficiency and effectiveness.
Implementation Best Practices
  • When you have a question,
    • First check out the Support Site.  There is a much quicker learning curve for users who try to figure out answers themselves before reaching out for help.
    • If you’re still stuck after the Support Site, contact your project lead to see if they can help.  This allows the project leader to have a better pulse on how the team is doing and allows team members to learn better through collaboration.
    • Finally, if you’re still stuck after viewing the Support Site and talking to your team, reach out to your BA for assistance.  They are always happy to help!
  • Lots of communication within your team and between the team and BA is always a win.
  • Have the end in mind when you set out to configure something and try to connect the dots as you go.
  • Always keep Glip open on your browser for timely communication.
  • Each week, schedule time for working on your configuration responsibilities.  Protecting this time is important to keeping the project timeline on track.

See you at the Kickoff Party!