How do I connect to the FTP server?

Hi CircuiTree Friends!  Today, I want to go over using an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to access CircuiTree’s servers.  You will use an FTP site to upload images to your webstore, skin your website, and access Crystal Reports for CircuiTree.  Here’s how to work with our recommended FTP provider, Cyberduck:

1.  Open a web browser and navigate to  Click the appropriate icon to download for either Windows or Mac.  This document will show you how it looks to download on Windows.


2.  When you click to download, a Save As box will appear.  Choose the destination for the download and click “Save”.


3.  When you see this screen, select “Run”.


4.  Click “Next” through all options…and don’t forget to check to install Bonjour.


5.  Once Cyberduck is installed, it may open on it’s own, or you might have to go to your Start menu to open it.  Next, click the icon to “Open Connection”.  In the box that appears, make sure you select SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) in the dropdown field.  The server name is and the port is 1926.  Contact your business analyst for your username and password.  Then click “Connect”.


6.  Now you’re connected to our servers!  From here, you can upload images to your webstore, skin your registration site, or edit certain reports.


7.  Don’t forget, if you need to switch between your live company and test company, click on the up arrow to the right of the screen, then select “D:” for your test site or “P:” for your live site.


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